June 11, 2005
Alan Cumming

Last night I went to a great little club in the Russian district of Los Angeles, The Parlour Club. I was there to see my favorite New York girls, the Wau Wau Sisters. They took best troupe at the 2005 Miss Exotic World contest. They rule! I'll post some pictures of them soon.

As was saying my good nights to friends, I looked across the room and my knees went weak. I saw Alan Cumming, or as I like to call him in my fantasies, Super Hero Boy Delicious, a crime-fighting hottie.

As everyone who knows me can tell you, I love him. His body of work is brilliant. You also need to buy his fragrance, it smells great and the photos in the box are pure sex god.

It took me about a minute to pull myself together and walk over. He is even hotter in person. You know I don't get starstruck, but man...I was a mumbling fool.

Alan is a true, gracious celebrity...kind, sweet and so tolerant of the many fans wanting to say hello.

So...short of Penn and Teller, and only because there are two of them...I am so proud to present my favorite autograph ever:

Alan Cumming on my boobs!

(Yeah, I know...but it had to be said. And someone remind me to NEVER go out without make up. It never fails -- you look like crap and meet the man of your dreams.)




Posted by lili at June 11, 2005 01:46 PM

you rule! he is indeed superhero boy delicious, ohhhhh alan.

Posted by: kimmi on March 26, 2006 02:33 PM
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