November 14, 2003
Lewis Black and Dave Attell

I went and saw Dave Attell and Lewis Black last night. They are out on the Comedy Central Live tour. Mitch Hedberg was a "special" guest as well as the Emcee Sean Rouse.

As corny as this sounds, I laughed so much my face hurts. I'm not sure what is is about comedians, but damn... funny guys get me hot!

Just so you know, I didn't scam my tickets by being a member of the press. I bought them online at ticketmaster the minute they went on presale though the Comedy Central promo. I was in the first row...dead center. IT ROCKED!

I could give a lengthy review of the show, but I'd much rather give you the photos. Hell, when given the opportunity to read a review about something you missed, or see tits...there is no debate.

There are only a few photos and none of them are great, my batteries went dead. I was running late for the show and didn't have tine to stop and buy any, so I took the batteries out of my "personal massager" (wink wink) and I guess they were almost dead. Gee what a surprise.

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo! have to read the review, I mean I showed you the boobs, it is the least you could do for me.

Sean Rouse opened the show and made me hot for arthritis. He is a very funny guy. He talked about his rheumatoid arthritis bumps as being great for stimulating a clitoris. Being in the front row, I saw up close, and frankly I bet it would - if you are into that sort of thing. ;) His bits in between the others comedians were a perfect transition. Emcee is a hard gig. You have to be funny, but you are never given the time to work a real set so you have to be quick and be just enough of a sorbet to clean the comedy pallet for the next guy.

Mitch Hegberg made me hot for a finger banana. His opening was all about the tiny bananas in the dressing room. He then put them in his pocket and during his entire set he kept fondling them. Ahh... to be that banana. His observation humor is a great thing. He was stoned out of his mind and frankly a bit loose, but I like a real show. When the jokes are so polished and rehearsed, it's like seeing a pop star lip-sync. I could have just stayed home and listened to the CD. Mitch is very talented and his humor is intellectual. ( funny guys get me hot!)

Dave Attell is...well, Dave Attell. You love him. You can't help it. He's a real guy. He tells things like it is. He observes people and spits the worst and best (often the same) of us back at us. He fucks with the audience and makes you a part of the show. Or should I say the audience fucks with him and he gives it right back. Insomniac has created a "hey I know Dave" attitude and people feel like they know him, so it's okay to just talk to him, even onstage. Hell I did after the show, I handed him my card to get him on the show when I was getting autographs. The highlight of the show is his his tic. He tweaks his nipple when on stage. He did it five times, but whose counting.

I called Comedy Central to book him Lewis and Mitch, and yes even Sean, the right thing to do. :) Hopefully you'll be hearing them on the show soon.

Lewis Black got me wet. Lewis makes an observation on the selling of bottled water during his overall take on health. In doing so he pounds the bottle with his fist and I was front and center, so I got splashed. Shame on you for thinking something dirty! Although again his humor is based in knowledge and nothing is more attractive than a smart funny guy. I doubt I would have sex with him though. He always looks like he could stoke out when he gets upset, and I'd hate have to a guy die having sex with me...again.

Dave and Lewis flip flop positioning on the tour so you may see Lewis first if you go. The overall thing they share on this linup is intelligence. Anyone can tell a dick joke and get a laugh. Anyone can make fun of a politician. This line up does it from a thinking attitude. Comedy Central may have a reputation for testosterone humor but they people over there are finding and nurturing some of the brilliant comedians of our time. And thank goodness they are making some cold hard cash too. If you haven't caught Insomniac or the Daily Show, set your replay, Tivo or VCR and buy these guys stuff! Support Comedy.

Now, if you do get a chance to see this tour. Laugh your ass off and then after the show, say I know Lili...and I saw your name on her breast. If nothing else, it might confuse them.

And closed circuit to Dave Attell...thanks for letting everyone know they are real.

Now go buy CDs, DVD, TShirts and anything else these guys are selling!

Dave Attell online

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Sean Rouse better get a site soon! Here is a bio.

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