June 07, 2005
Tempest Storm

I spent the weekend at The Exotic World Burlesque Museum, watching the Miss Exotic World contest.

One of great pleasures about attending (besides the amazing women) is the legends reunion. True burlesque stars are featured. Some perform, some are judges and some come to sign autographs and bask in the well-deserved glory of their stardom.

I had the honor to meet several of the fantastic women (more photos later) who paved the path for erotic dance as an art form. The true burlesque superstar Tempest Storm was attending. Not only did I get her autograph, but I had the pleasure of talking with her in depth. The wealth of knowledge I gained from her will hopefully make me a better performer.

See more about my dancing at

Tempest looks as good as she did in the heyday of her burlesque career.

Here are the photos...



Posted by lili at June 07, 2005 09:25 PM

Lilli, you are a lovely flower, you remind me of someone special who I lost to this world.

Posted by: Matt Janovic on October 3, 2006 11:20 AM
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