January 13, 2004
Penn & Teller

Penn & Teller bring me to tears with laughter, every time I see them.

I had the pleasure of being in Las Vegas for my 38th birthday. Or as I like to sayÖI am 456 months old.

Anyway, I spent my morning sleeping in and trying to feel better. I had been going hard and fast the last few days at CES and AVN. Having a cold/sinus infection is not the best way to attend 2 conventions and travel. Though, staying at Rio is the best way to sleep in when you are in Vegas. Every room is a suite, the beds are comfy and the pillows are great!

I finally dragged my ass out of bed at 2pm, took a shower and dressed for a night out in Vegas. I met my sister Carol, her husband Gordon, David and some other people (who want to remain nameless) for dinner at the Rio buffet.

After dinner we headed to see Penn & Teller. My friend Dean was kind enough to get me tickets to see P&T. He is friends with Penn and was a total sweetheart to do it. Thank you Dean. Kiss. Kiss. Visit his great site and buy stuff! The Bill of Rights as a subversive act:

If youíve never seen P&T, you have missed a lot! They have been working together for close to 3 decades, and are the best when it comes to showmanship. They put on a comedy magic show. If you expect a Las Vegas show, youíll be disappointed. They perform magic by showing you the trick; yet still making you wonder how the hell they did it. They also have a messageÖ Itís fun to let yourself be fooled for entertainment, but donít let con men pull the wool over your eyes.

Itís 90 minutes of amazement and debauchery. I was very pleased to see them do an older routine that I love. Itís called Blast Off. They do the old saw a person in half trick and then do it again in clear Plexiglas to let you see how itís done. It plays into the Vegas style show and yet exposes the con. You are still amazed at the trick after watching it explained.

I love intellectual humor. I love being in on the joke. Yet, when the do the magic bullet, trick, I never want to know how itís done. I want the magic of Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny, just a little.

If you get the chance to see them live, GO! They play six nights a week at the Rio and they star in the Showtime show Bullshit! They expose con men, psychics and the bullshit so many people get fooled by. The 2nd season is starting soon, check your local listings.

You were great and read my entry, so here is what you came for...

Penn and Teller sign my straightjacket and my boobs!

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo!

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