February 26, 2006
Billy The Mime

Where does one begin about Billy The Mime?

I first saw Billy The Mime in Penn Jillette and Paul Provenza's amazing film, "The Aristocrats." Billy managed to tell the joke in a visual way that was both disturbing and and traumatizing. It's one thing to hear the joke, your mind conjures all sorts of odd images, but Billy managed to make you see exactly what he sees. It's hilarious. It will make you look at Mimes in a whole new light.

I grew up watching "Shields and Yarnell" and Marcel Marceau...I can't imagine them performing any of Billy Acts.

I next saw Billy in his one man show at the Sacred Fools Theater. He started the show with "Dreams of a Young Crippled Boy" and went on for over an hour with social issue after social issue, as told through the innocents and humor of a simple mime. It was awesome. "A day called 9/11" brought me to tears and laughter at the same time. Combining the day's activities of a terrorist and a passenger was brilliant.

Make sure you check the news link for upcoming appearances.

Billy The Mime

The Aristocrats

See the Boobs...

Billy Signs

Billy and Lili

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