September 28, 2005
Dean Cameron

Teen Idols...

For my sister is was Donny Osmond, for me it was Dean Cameron. Who needs Johnny Depp from 90210, when you could have Ralph the virgin vampire. Yes, most of you know Dean as Dave Marshak from Ski School or "Chainsaw" from Summer School, but I was home alone in bed with Dean the vampire in my mind and my hands in panties. Ooooooo... the fantasies of a young girl.

I met Dean when he was a guest on the radio show I produce. He has a cool item called the the The Bill of Rights - Security Edition. A wallet sized copy of the Bill of Rights on a piece of metal. When you go though airport security, they take your metal objects as well as your Bill of Rights. A very great idea! I freaked on air when I realized it was *that* Dean Cameron.

When the radio show moved to LA, I had the chance to see Dean perform at the Viper Room with his band The Thornbirds (formerly the Ducks- buy their music it rocks!) It was such a surreal moment when he braced his hand on my breast to sign. It was like that first kiss excitement. Hot! Sadly, he's married and I am out of luck. But...for one brief moment we had a connection. (and I went home to relive past fantasies.)

He's now a good friend and on the show often, and I am learning to control myself around him.

His Nigerian Spam Scam Scam is internationally famous. Catch the play if you get a chance.

He still does voiceover work, acting, directing and so much more:

Here are the photos:




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