May 15, 2003
Steve Carell

While broadcasting from E3 at the Gamespy booth, I had the pleasure of meeting Steve Carell. Steve was pimping the Volleyball game he was featured doing voiceovers. You may know Steve from Comedy Central's Daily Show with John Stewart or many of his acting gigs. I dig his work and think he's a riot. I'm proud to have his autograph.

Update: 6/10/04
Steve has a new TV show on NBC. He plays Belevin on Come To Papa.

He's the best on The Office.

Another update on Steve Carell. If you haven't seen The 40 Year Old Virgin, you are an idiot.

Steve Carell co-wrote the movie "40 Year Old Virgin" and was fabulous as the main character. It's a must see!

40 Year Old Virgin Website


Get Smart opened today and Maxwell Smart couldn't be played by anyone better than Steve Carell.

Get Smart WB site

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo!

boobies whoo hoo!

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