June 11, 2005
Alan Cumming

Last night I went to a great little club in the Russian district of Los Angeles, The Parlour Club. I was there to see my favorite New York girls, the Wau Wau Sisters. They took best troupe at the 2005 Miss Exotic World contest. They rule! I'll post some pictures of them soon.

As was saying my good nights to friends, I looked across the room and my knees went weak. I saw Alan Cumming, or as I like to call him in my fantasies, Super Hero Boy Delicious, a crime-fighting hottie.

As everyone who knows me can tell you, I love him. His body of work is brilliant. You also need to buy his fragrance, it smells great and the photos in the box are pure sex god.

It took me about a minute to pull myself together and walk over. He is even hotter in person. You know I don't get starstruck, but man...I was a mumbling fool.

Alan is a true, gracious celebrity...kind, sweet and so tolerant of the many fans wanting to say hello.

So...short of Penn and Teller, and only because there are two of them...I am so proud to present my favorite autograph ever:

Alan Cumming on my boobs!

(Yeah, I know...but it had to be said. And someone remind me to NEVER go out without make up. It never fails -- you look like crap and meet the man of your dreams.)




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June 07, 2005
Tempest Storm

I spent the weekend at The Exotic World Burlesque Museum, watching the Miss Exotic World contest.

One of great pleasures about attending (besides the amazing women) is the legends reunion. True burlesque stars are featured. Some perform, some are judges and some come to sign autographs and bask in the well-deserved glory of their stardom.

I had the honor to meet several of the fantastic women (more photos later) who paved the path for erotic dance as an art form. The true burlesque superstar Tempest Storm was attending. Not only did I get her autograph, but I had the pleasure of talking with her in depth. The wealth of knowledge I gained from her will hopefully make me a better performer.

See more about my dancing at

Tempest looks as good as she did in the heyday of her burlesque career.

Here are the photos...



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June 01, 2005
Matt Dusk

"The Casino" was a reality TV show that my good friend and radio talk show host (and boss, sort of) was addicted to. Matt Dusk, who was on the show, also performed the theme song "Two Shots." Matt and his band were trying to get a gig in the main room at the world-famous Golden Nugget in Las Vegas.

I fell in love with Matt's musical style immediately. I love jazz and swing standards, and I've had the pleasure of watching some of the greats perform. Mel Torme was one of my favorite concerts ever.

So (the California so), I'm in Vegas and who's playing at the Golden Nugget? Tony Bennett on Sunday Night and Matt Dusk on Monday night!

The Tony Bennett concert was amazing. No matter how old he gets, he is the classic showman. I cried several times during the fabulous performance. And who else was in the audience? Matt Dusk. He came back from Canada to catch Tony before opening the following night.

Monday rolled around (along with several hundred dollars at the Roulette wheel), and I headed over to see Matt Dusk and his band. Now remember, I had just seen the legendary Tony Bennett the night before -- a hard gig to follow. But Matt took the stage and owned it. I was so impressed by his show that I'd have to say Tony did great job as Matt's opening act.

If you get the opportunity to see Matt Dusk, take it. His band is fabulous as well. The arrangements of the classics are wonderful. When someone can take a song recorded by hundreds of other performers and make it his own, yet still hold the integrity of the composer at heart, it's truly amazing!

You can get Matt's CDs, find out more about him and read his frank talk about being part of a reality TV show at

Here are the boob shots!

Oh...did I mention he's a hottie, too? He is.
Too bad he's a sneaky Canadian. ;)




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