March 08, 2007
Kitten Natividad

I had the extreme pleasure to meet another of the strong women I look up to, Kitten Natividad. Russ Meyers brought us so many fabulous big bosomed beauties and Kitten was a hero to me. GoGo Dancer, nude model, Miss Nude Universe winner, and big busted starlet - she's a triple E.

Her photos and films have always showed this fabulous beauty smiling and enjoying life, so comfortable nude, so comfortable in her skin. She's always reminded of a naked Bette Davis or Joan Crawford with the shy sweetness of Debbie Reynolds thrown in. She was a supervixen behind a shy smile and still is. She looks as good now as she did at the height of her dancing.

I met Kitten (the first time) at Hustler Hollywood at a book signing for "Hal Lifson's 1966!" Kitten was so sweet and fun during the Q&A, I fell in love with her all over again. She was kind enough to sign my book and my boobs. She felt me up and I enjoyed it. I believe "nice real ones" was what she said. I wasn't listening to closely as I was thinking, "Wow, Kitten is squeezing my boobs!" You'd think I'd been kissed for the first time, I was so excited.

I've seen her now 3 other times at Miss Exotic World and other events, and she is just a sweetheart still.

Kitten Natividad can be found at her online home There is full nudity on this site, 18 and older only!

Russ Meyer's official web site, sells Russ Meyer films.

Hal Lifson's 1966! at Amazon.

Here are the photos live from Hustler Hollywood:




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March 07, 2007
Jai Rodriguez

I was at The Great Boston Burlesque Expo in February '07. The host of the Saturday night event was Jai Rodriguez and that was night I was performing. Oh my was I excited to find that fact out. Jai was the cutest guy on Queer Eye, he's the Culture Vulture. I've also had the pleasure of seeing him sing live on Celebrity Duets. His voice is incredible. Now after seeing him host the burlesque show, I have a new found fondness for him as well. (But as we all know...I'm hot for the gays.)

Jai was great at the event, he donned a corset and red pasties for the show. He was fantastic and pleasure to chat with. A kind person, not a celeb diva at all.

You can find out about his upcoming debut album at his official myspace page and get the scoop on Queer Eye at Bravo.

Jai at myspace

Queer Eye

And now the boobs. Yes, there are more boobs than normal. I had just performed and we all hanging around at the after party. I was hanging out more than some of the others. ;)




An extra photo, just cause I liked it. My boobs look young in it. :)


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