December 21, 2004
Amazing Johnathan

I made a quick trip to Vegas last weekend and finally caught Amazing Johnathan. The last time I was there, he'd been bitten by a spider and was off work for a week.

If you don't know who AJ is, you better find out. He's not really a magician, well...not in the David Blaine, Lance Burton bullshit way. AJ's more like the "in your face" Penn & Teller kind. More than magic, he does comedy along with his sidekick, Psychic Tanya. On my next trip, Tanya gets to sign. :)

It's a show you shouldn't miss. From the "shitty sound system" to the bad jokes, it's a great night of fun.

Amazing Johanthan's site features shirts, books, and awesome magic tricks for sale!!!!!

And are the boobs.




Posted by lili at 02:57 AM